Friday, October 8, 2010

Hello Hello ^^

hye all!!
its been a long time for me not to update..
isn't it?
how are you all?
did you all heard SHINee's new song?
i'm totally in love with it..
for the first time(i think)..
minho sings..not rap okay..
but still he rap in the song..
but the song is just sweet like sugar i think..
onew is really cute while he waits for the girl to come out..
ouh..thats my onew..
the lovable one..
he's getting much handsome..
much matured i think..
he's voice is just..urgghh..
i dont know what to say..
they are just good..
no..even better..
i hope that SHINee's song will become much popular..
but i also hope that SHINee will not forget on the SHAWOL's support to them..
daebak SHINee!!
this is the hangul+romanization+english subtitles..

btw,ONEW is MINE <3

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