Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ღ 사랑해요김희철! 기다릴게김희철! ღ

Annyeonghaseyo yeorobun! ^^ 

Okay. Aku tibetibe rase nak update lagi but this time it's about KPOP,okay? KKK~

Firstly,you must be an E.L.F if you wanna have feeling reading this post. That's the most important thing to do. Kalo bukan E.L.F pon,tak ape. Cume tk ade feeling la kalo bace. No offense,eh?

It's about our Space's Big Star,Kim Heechul. 

Yes. Tu mate die yg tgh berair. Menahan nak mengalir sbb tk nk E.L.F + SuJu member sedih time tu. But we already know your feeling,Heenim. You can't hide it. TT TT

Please. This is just too heartbreaking for us. When will I see another 83-line's moment again after this? TT TT

This one is the most heartbreaking one. 


Eeteuk: Thank you to Heechul for becoming one of the members of Super Junior, I love you.
The people I want to thank most is our members.
All the dongsaengs listen to what your hyungs say.
And my friend Jungsoo..
wuli Teukie is really very tired, thank you very very much.
Lastly, I want to thank our fans, ELF.
I will come back safely.

You just promised us,Kim Heechul. I won't say farewell and good bye coz it's not this time. #WeWillWaitForKimHeechul even if it takes the rest of our life.

This is Heenim's last performance coz he will be in enlistment this September 1st. Wish him luck,E.L.Fs! 



  1. im ELF toooo . im crying when i read bout MAMA & HEECHUL . do read mine also .

  2. yopseo !!
    we love you so much i'm from algeria ((saranhe))
    i wish for u all the best :)

  3. hello again my name is sarah wilson find me on facebook i'm one of your big fans