Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy 5th Anniversary!! I'm proud to be an E.L.F :')

assalamualaikum~ ^^
kekeke~entry tu..
for my beloved Super Junior lah..
aku tae aku memang lambat sgt tules pasal ni..patotnye aku tules time 6 November lepas..
tapi malas nak updatelah..
sebab tu tules hari ni je..
bagi mengingat anniversary diorang..
aku nak post ni..
saranghaeyo,Super Junior!! :)
happy always,okay?
don't be sad anymore.. :')
or i'll be sad also..

and watch this also..
from us,E.L.Fs.. :)

and please always be happy like in this video..
even Kyuhyun is not in SuJu at that time yet..

For Yesung oppa~
i will love you forever and please keep your beautiful voice...
and i really love your cute eyes.. :)
Kim Jongwoon
i love Super Junior till the end of my life..
i will PROM15E TO BEL13VE <3

Super Junior sub-group:
Super Junior K.R.Y
Super Junior Happy
Super Junior Mandarin
Super Junior Trot
Super Junior <3 E.L.F
Super Junior and EverLastingFriends

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